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Glycated Albumin Test
Glycated Albumin based Test

Frost & Sullivan honors Epinex Diagnostics, Inc. as the recipient of the 2014 “New Product Innovation Award for Global Diabetes”

Epinex Diagnostics has been awarded the New Product Innovation Award (Global Region) in Diabetes Point of Care Diagnostics from the global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. The award is in recognition of the company’s development of its novel rapid test, the G1A Rapid Diabetes Monitoring Index Test for diabetes management of type 2 and gestational diabetes.

The Epinex G1A test is a patented rapid test that promises to provide patients with a better management tool by directly measuring glycation on a monthly basis, with potential applications in diabetes diagnosis, screening and monitoring. In their analysis, Frost & Sullivan noted that the Epinex test matched a major unmet medical need, and that company was advantageously positioned to potentially change the standard of care for diabetes worldwide. Frost & Sullivan previously recognized Epinex in 2009 with an award for Excellence in Research in the Global Diabetes Market for the company’s work in developing the G1A™ test.

In his congratulatory statement, Frost & Sullivan Senior Vice President Greg Caressi noted, “To achieve leadership in new product innovation is never an easy task, but it is one made even more difficult due to today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty—not to mention the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property. Within this context, your receipt of this award signifies an even greater accomplishment.” 


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Epinex Receives Frost & Sullivan 2009 Global Excellence in Research 

Frost & Sullivan confers the 2009 Global Excellence in Research Award in the Global Diabetes Diagnostics Market on Epinex Diagnostics Inc. for developing an innovative rapid test (the G1A™ test) for diabetes management in type 2 and gestational diabetes patients. Epinex specializes in the development of innovative rapid tests by identifying unmet needs in the existing healthcare market.

Frost & Sullivan’s Excellence in Research Award is bestowed upon a company that has carried out new ‘disruptive’ research; and has, in general, a strong commitment to research and development. This award recognizes a company’s research and development program that has or is expected to bring significant contributions to the industry in terms of adoption, change, and competitive posture. The fruits of this research may already have or will potentially impact certain market sectors. The award also recognizes the company’s overall research excellence as well as its commitment toward differentiating itself based on science backed services or solutions.

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