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The Epinex G1A™ Rapid Diabetes Monitoring Index Test*
A monthly test for the control of glycation, the underlying cause of the complications of diabetes.


  • The only rapid test for measuring Glycated Albumin, a superior marker for diabetes control

  • Allows earlier therapeutic intervention

  • Encourages self-management

  • Promotes compliance

  • Fulfills unmet medical needs in diabetes monitoring










Prototype for Doctor's Office/Point-of-Care Test Device (POC)

Prototype for Home Use/Over-the-Counter Test Device (OTC)

Epinex-G1A-Glycated Albumin-Monthly Diabetes Test
Epinex-G1A-Glycated Albumin-Monthly Diabetes Test
                   Point-of-Care Model
                            Over-The-Counter Model
  • Accurate measurement and graphical analysis of Glycated Albumin

  • Operationally similar to professional diagnostics systems

  • Wireless integration into existing patient data systems

  • Maintains database of patient test results

  • Miniaturized, palm-sized

  • Rapid measurement of Glycated Albumin

  • Feels and operates similarly to existing glucose meters

  • Stores patient test results

* This product is under development, and is intended for information and evaluation process only. It is NOT APPROVED by the FDA.

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