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Epinex Diagnostics creates rapid diagnostic tests that dramatically improve the flow of critical health information. Our products bridge the gap between patient and physician, and encourage more effective decision making and medical intervention in a timely manner.



Epinex Diagnostics specializes in the application of its unique expertise in medical diagnostics to target major deficiencies in the existing healthcare market by developing innovative rapid tests that address those unexploited markets. The Epinex business model is based on the development of products that address key deficiencies in the existing market structure while staying within the boundaries of ‘established’ health care practices and manufacturing technology. This combination limits risk and maximizes earnings potential. Our expertise lies in identifying key areas within the healthcare field where a lack of easily-accessible diagnostic information exists.


The company has developed three patented innovative point-of-care products; beyond proof of concept, ready to be manufactured and deployed in the market. The Epinex G1A test for glycated albumin will be used for diabetes monitoring, screening, and diagnostics. It addresses the gap between daily blood sugar testing and HbA1c testing. The Epinex ACR test is an early indicator of renal (kidney) failure that uses a portable, handheld reader device. The Epinex SimplySure PT/INR test is a non-electronic microfluidic PT-INR test that was developed as an alternative to current PT-INR tests that require an external digital device. 


Epinex Diagnostics was founded in 2002 by three pioneers in the biomedical device industry with a combined experience of more than 70 years in biomedical engineering, product design and development, and medical device marketing. They have been joined by an advisory board of distinguished scientists, experts in marketing and management, and leaders in the field of diabetic care.


Epinex Diagnostics, Inc. is located in Tustin, California, adjacent to the University of California, Irvine, in the heart of the Southern California biomedical industry.

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