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Market size


According to the CDC, 26 million American adults have CKD and millions of others are at an increased risk. Currently, 26 million Americans have diabetes and 76.4 million Americans have hypertension, two risk factors for kidney disease and two common reasons patients visit their doctors. (AHA)


Target Customers


Any physician/clinician treating diabetic or hypertensive patients, Endocrinologists, IM, FP, Multi-Specialty Clinics, Diabetes Centers, Nephrologists

With only a small percentage of the at risk population currently being screened due to the inconvenience of ordering separate urine albumin tests, the market opportunity for the Epinex ACR test is enormous.


Testing Recommendations


  • The American Diabetes Association, the National Institute of Health and the National Kidney Foundation all recommend annual testing for everyone with diabetes for microalbuminuria (albumin in urine) as an early indicator of kidney failure, the cause of death in up to 20% of people with diabetes.


Advantages of the Epinex ACR test


  • Capable of measuring very low amounts of albumin - higher sensitivity than existing tests.

  • More clinically useful at the point where prevention and treatment are more feasible, while the damage being done to the kidney may still be reversible.

  • Potential to detect earlier stage of disease, or for screening where other risk factors are present.

  • Potential to screen for pre-diabetes - small amounts of albumin are present in urine at a very early stage in diabetes, before other symptoms appear.

  • Very low cost.

  • Unique IP concept.










* This product is under development, and is intended for information and evaluation process only. It is NOT APPROVED by the FDA.

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