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The Epinex G1A Test

Beginning a decade ago, Epinex Diagnostics suggested that glycated albumin (GA), a marker for intermediate glycation and at that time an obscure test available only through a very few clinical laboratories, had the scientific potential to be the sought-after superior test for diabetes. The company began its long and difficult journey to create the Epinex G1A Test, a convenient rapid test for GA, a process now on the verge of full realization.


An easily available monthly glycated albumin test could have a broad and beneficial impact across the spectrum of diabetes care, from screening and diagnosis to treatment. A simple, convenient and inexpensive rapid test, available at the point-of-care and as a hand held device for home use, could be the means to translate the promise of glycated albumin technology into improving health outcomes and making real progress against the tide of the diabetes epidemic. From its founding to the present, Epinex Diagnostics is fully committed to achieving this goal.

* This product is under development, and is intended for information and evaluation process only. It is NOT APPROVED by the FDA.

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