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The Epinex ACR Test


An offshoot of the Company’s research into the G1A test resulted in the development of the Epinex albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR) test. The Epinex ACR Test is the first quantitative, rapid, lateral flow test that simultaneously measures urine albumin and creatinine in a single test strip, providing a measure of microalbuminuria – a marker for the early detection of kidney damage. Epinex has developed its own set of antibodies and assay proteins, as well as developed a prototype for the assay.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, 26 million American adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and millions of others are at an increased risk. Currently, 26 million Americans have diabetes and 76.4 million Americans have hypertension, the top two leading causes for kidney disease in the U.S. and two common reasons patients visit their doctors. Because of recent growing evidence of the treatability and preventability of CKD and end-stage renal disease, various scientific and medical groups have advocated for targeted screening of at-risk populations and tighter control and monitoring of CKD progression.

* This product is under development, and is intended for information and evaluation process only. It is NOT APPROVED by the FDA.

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